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Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman

Academic Coordinator and Lecturer
School of Industrial Automation Engineering)
Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), Melbourne, Australia


Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman (AK) is currently the Academic Coordinator and Lecturer for the school of Industrial Automation at Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT). AK has been teaching at a higher education level for 8 years (since 2012). In 2019, he completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Before that he completed BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from American International University- Bangladesh in 2012. AK has also been the Department Coordinator and Lecturer at Uttara University in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

His research Interest Includes: Cloud Networked Robotics, Industrial Automation, Smart Manufacturing, IoT, Electrical Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Till date, Dr. AK has published several Q1 (IEEE TII, Computer Networks) and Q2 (MDPI JSAN) Journals, while also attending several IEEE conferences (GLOBECOM, ISAECT, ICAMechS, ISGT-Asia). Besides that, he is the Guest Editor for MDPI JSAN special issue on “Industrial Sensor Networks”, as well as an official reviewer for MDPI Robotics. AK has also been part of the TPC for several conference such as CCBD, IEEE Greentech, IEEE ICAMechS.

As a passionate academic, Akhlaqur follows the philosophy that, “Scientists discover the world that exists; Engineers create the world that never was”, hence tries his utmost best to prepare the engineers of the future.

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Title: Transitioning from Industry 4.0 to 5.0: An Industrial IoT Prospective


The adoption of Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT), also known as Industry 4.0 has seen a significant growth in the last few years due to availability of massive computing power, innovations in the data-processing technology, and the advent of machine learning algorithms. This is most prominent in the manufacturing industry, where smart IoT-enabled smart manufacturing has supported to streamline business operations, optimized productivity, and improved Return on Investment.

As more Industries have adopted to such advanced automated mode of technology, this means Engineers working in this sector need to understand the systems and processes that contribute to the state-of-the art of Industry 4.0 as well become aware of the upcoming innovations that are in the horizon (i.e., Industry 5.0).

In this webinar, the presenter will be providing an in-depth discussion on the key components of Industrial IoT (i.e., Smart sensors, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin) as well as the key enablers that will help with the transition towards Industry 5.0 (Cobots, Virtual Reality, 5G, Mass Personalization) from the point-of-view of the Industrial IoT.