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Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman

Associate Professor, CSE Department, BRAC University.
CTO, Trajectory Technology funded by ICT Division.
Principal Investigator, BRAC Onnesha Nano-Satellite Project
Founder of NAno-Satellite Technology And Research
Laboratory (NASTAR).
Founder, BRACU Robotics Laboratory.
Founder Advisor, BRACU Robotics Club.


Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Department of BRAC University who have 13 years teaching experience. He was the principal investigator of Nation’s first Nano-satellite program which is named as “BRAC ONNESHA” by BRAC University. In satellite project his responsibility includes supervision of satellite program, setup the ground station and also establishment of nano-satellite lab in BRAC University. He was assigned as the Acting Chairman of CSE department from 1st Sep-14 to 31st Dec-2014. He was also the founder of BRAC University Robotics lab and the founder advisor of BRAC University Robotics club. The robot named CHONDROBT, MONGOL-TORI and BRACU DUBURI was designed and built under his peer supervision. Different versions of these Robots are regularly attending in different international competitions such as NASA LMC, IRC, SAUVC, IIT TechFest etc. Dr. Khalil has joined in BRAC University on 2009 immediately after completing his PhD degree from Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan and promoted as associate professor on 2013. He was a MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholar and his PhD Research topic was Natural Language Processing. But now his research is diverted into Space science & Engineering, Robotics and Embedded Systems. He was born on 1976 in a river bank city Sirajganj of Bangladesh. After completing his Secondary and Higher Secondary Schooling he took admission in Institute of Science and Technology under National University for graduation and post-graduation degrees. Dr. Khalil becomes point of contact (POC) of UNISEC-Global (UNIversity Space Engineering Consortium) on 2014. In his research and work he could build a very good relationship with government organizations like BTRC, SPARRSO, Atomic Energy Commission, CARGS, ICT Ministry, A2i, Startup Bangladesh etc. He is also a technical committee member of a Number of International conferences and Journals. He considers himself as a lifetime student of Engineering. He is the dared person who intended to involve his students in the research of cutting edge technologies like Satellite, Underwater Autonomous Robot, Smart systems, Industry Automation etc. for the first time in Bangladesh. He is awarded by a number of events and featured as scientist in a number of news Medias. He also started a startup with some of his students that was supported by startup Bangladesh. He does not want to live long but would like to make his every single living time worthy.


Title: Transformation to 4IR by the Fusion of Engineering