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Enamul Haq, Ph.D

Sr. Advisor California ISO (retired)
Senior Life member IEEE

Dr. Enamul Haq is an energy industry subject matter expert with over 40 years of experience. He has worked for utilities, developed EMS software, researched and developed software for power systems, and taught various university courses on topics regarding power systems. He is an expert in Full Network Model, State Estimator, Contingency Analysis, Voltage Stability and Transient Stability tools. Dr. Haq is well-recognized in the industry for his expertise in development and use of Power System Training Simulators and advanced power applications. Additionally, he is recognized throughout the world for the development and application of the Common Information Model (CIM) standards in very large Power Systems. Dr. Haq was the past chair for the IEEE task force on CIM for Power System Modeling and Tools group. He also offered tutorial on CIM standard in IEEE PES general meetings.

He holds BS (BUET 71), MS (BUET 77) and Ph.D. (Bucharest Polytechnic Institute 81) in Electrical Engineering and MS in computer Science (Louisiana State University 89). He was a post doctorate fellow with the electrical engineering department of University of Saskatchewan (1982-1983). Dr. Haq retired as a senior advisor from California ISO in 2017 after 17 years of service.

Title: Reliable Operational Challenges of Power Grid with high penetration of Renewable Resources

Abstract: The world wide increase of penetration of renewable energy resources in the electrical power grid and the advances in smart grid technologies require new efficient algorithms and tools to efficiently manage the power grid and electricity markets while maintaining reliability in a cost effective manner. The variability associated with the renewable resources will require more efficient monitoring, situational awareness tools and fast and sophisticated controls of the power grid. As the online rotating mass associated with the grid will be reduced due to the high penetration of renewable resources, there will be a high need for the fast evaluation of the system security under dynamic system operating conditions. This presentation will address the possible solutions for operational challenges created by the high penetration of the renewable resources.