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Mohsinul Bari Shakir

Chief Executive Officer
Aqualink Bangladesh Limited
Director, Sigmind.ai


Myself, Mohsinul Bari Shakir, born and raised in Dhaka, completed my SSC from Motijheel Ideal School Dhaka, and HSC from Cox’s Bazar Govt College. After my HSC, I started my Bsc in Computer Science at BRAC University. From the early days of  my university life I was very interested to gather experiences through part time jobs. So, when I was in 4th semester I got a part time job in an IT company where I started working on web development and web application. During the time of my thesis, there were multiple research ideas on my mind. Later I decided to do my thesis on image processing and machine learning, then I successfully defended my thesis on this topic. After that I submitted my thesis paper for SPIE conference and my paper was accepted and I got called for presenting my paper in Hudson, USA in February 2018. In that conference I met with a man who was the president of a Canadian Automation company. There he took a very informal interview of mine because he was eager to expand his company in Bangladesh and later hired me for the automation company’s new branch in Bangladesh. During that time I got interested in the Embedded system and studied more about it. By that time I took many seminars and workshops in numerous universities in Bangladesh and later formed a team with some young innovative students and led them for firmware development works and developed some firmwares for North American companies. During that time I got an email from The American Airforce Research Laboratory, they invited me to speak at a symposium based on defence and commercial sensing, I went to Baltimore, Usa to be a part of that symposium. From the symposium, I was inspired to work in a startup. After 2years of working in that automation company, then i got an offer from a startup  company Innovace. In innovace, I started working on specialised devices, focusing more on improving devices. After working there for 1.5years i realised i should be a part of a startup company. In the meantime I got an offer from Aqualink Bangladesh, at that time Aqualink only worked on water health programmes. After 8 months of journey, the company grew bigger and got an international certificate on two corona related devices and several industrial automation devices. In the meantime worked as a leader on several government projects and completed them successfully. This is how a startup became one of the most leading tech companies in Bangladesh. Apart from being the COO of Aqualink side by side i bought shares of a very potential artificial intelligence and machine learning based company sigmind.ai which has got several awards and currently I’m one of the directors of sigmind.ai. Right now, I’m working on data science, deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Recently two of my research papers got accepted by IEEE and IJAR.

Title: Technology startups and my journey with startups