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Mr. Shakerin Ahmed

Senior Engineer (Functional Verification)
in Power Management IC (PMIC) team
Qualcomm Singapore, Singapore


I have completed BSc in EEE from AIUB (2010-2014). After completion of Bsc. I joined Ulkasemi Pvt. Limited (a local semiconductor company) as

Digital verification engineer in 2013. Later, moved to AMS Verification team in 2014 and continued until 2017. During these 4 years, I worked on verification of different protocols(AMBA bus) and sensor chips. In 2017, I joined Qualcomm Singapore as Senior Engineer (Functional Verification) in Power Management IC(PMIC) team. For last 3.5+ years, I have been working on verification of many different chips.

Title: Application of different types of analog models in Mixed Signal Verification